Slots 360

  • Created art pipeline for Slots 2 via consultation with artists, engineers, producers, and director to anticipate future project needs
  • Tested and implemented new VFX solutions to achieve Art Director’s visual targets
  • Extensively tested resolution and compression settings to maximize runtime memory efficiency and device footprint
  • Created documentation of Database system that drives game behavior and animation, assisting across departments
  • Acted as primary resource for art troubleshooting and consultation
  • Migrated team to server-based content system early in production for improved stability and iteration time
  • Authored new techniques to deliver high-quality visuals using SpecularCubeMap shaders
  • Researched and implemented a color-tint overlay system for UI to create multiple themes without new assets

Live Games Support

  • Investigated live game pipelines, proposed and developed tools to assist Game Design and Art teams

Storm8 Hackathon

  • Lead Artist on game jam team to create a game prototype in less than 24 hours
  • Created 3d models, textures, particle effects, and animation.
  • Winner of "Best Looking" award

Personal Project - Farming RPG VR Game

  • Developed art and code for Farming RPG game for Vive



Technical Art Department

  • Created scripts and shaders to accomplish new visual effects (Alpha Fade, Transparent Additive, Specular Cube Map, Turbulence) 
  • Supported Tech Art department creation by contributing to mission statement
  • Contributed to automatic asset processing scripts
  • Created automatic sprite generation scripts supporting fixed or dynamic cell size
  • Authored shader tutorials enabling artists to create high-end visuals
  • Authored ‘Quick and Dirty Performance Testing’ guide to assist teams in testing new features or pipeline improvements
  • Participated in Animation and 3D Artist meetings to communicate new tools and resources, troubleshoot, and advise across game projects
  • Created new wiki space for Tech Art department

Rebuilding Existing Games in Unity

  • Ported and optimized large archive of art assets for Bingo, Monopoly Bingo, Clue Bingo,  and Hungry Babies by rebuilding textures, animations, particles, UI, etc. 
  • Created new outsourcing pipeline for Hungry Babies, documented with slideshows and video tutorials
  • Created UI audit report for Bingo Unity that thoroughly explained best practices with example illustrations. Identifying these issues spawned a department wide knowledge sharing meeting
  • Assisted in training apprentice VFX Artist and Match 3 Next team on 3d map performance, considerations, and metrics

Live Games Support

  • Ported and optimized art assets of Bingo, Monopoly Bingo, and Clue Bingo by rebuilding textures, animations, particles, UI, etc. 
  • Supported artists, engineers, and producers on Match 3 Next, Frozen Frenzy, Hungry Babies, and Bingoes, allowing them to create new features such as King of the Hill

Personal Project - Untitled VR Clicker

  • Developed art and code for 'clicker' genre game prototype for Vive


Frozen Frenzy Mania

  • Researched and developed art pipeline for studio's first Unity game
  • Pitched multiple visual treatments for world map, game pieces, high-value powerups
  • Created four unique character animation rigs, adapted with evolving designs
  • Quickly adapted art pipeline to accommodate feature requests and performance concerns
  • Pitched solutions to changing project needs with animated mockups
  • Collaborated closely with engineers to build and implement features
  • Documented art pipeline and tutored 2d artists, 3d artists, and animators on Unity proficiency

Storm8 Hackathon - Scrolly Shooty

  • Led game jam team to create prototype in less than 24 hours
  • Created 3d models, textures, particle effects, animation
  • Winner of "Best Looking" award

Global Game Jam 2015

  • Made VR game prototype in 48 hours
  • Created 3d models, textures, particle effects, animation



Match-3 Visual Development


Storm8 Hackathon - Surfasaurus Rex

  • Co-led game jam team to create prototype game
  • 2nd place winner



'Loop' Messaging App

  • Animated 50% of short film to introduce app
  • Created 'animated stickers' based on memes and emoji
  • Created motion graphic mockups for UI / UX

Cupcake Mania

  • Created 2d animation rig 'Bruno Bear' to accommodate dynamic poses and diverse costume re-skins
  • Animated characters and particle effects

Studio Operations

  • Consulted on studio adoption of Unity engine by stress testing art pipeline
  • Created multiple character rigs in many methodologies to enumerate advantages and limitations
  • Helped test on-device performance to set asset budgets


Full Bore

  • Animated Hero character 'Hildi'
  • Animated VFX and environment animation



Storm8 Hackathon

  • Modeled, Rigged, Textured, Animated two characters for 24h game jam prototype