I'm dedicated to making captivating interactive experiences through

Visual Effects, Technical Art, and Animation

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Storm8, Redwood City — VFX Artist (Tech Art)

Created exciting particle effects and visual effects for gameplay and UI
Authored shaders, scripts, and processes to advance visual fidelity throughout game experience while reducing creation and import time
Designed feature-rich art pipelines for ease of use, efficient performance, and scalability
Empowered artists and engineers by solving cross-disciplinary problems that expand product possibilities
Developed concepts, built prototypes, tested implementation, spread learnings through documentation and training
Audited game performance across a range of devices, generated reports of actionable optimizations, worked with team to implement
Enhanced game experience by improving existing animations and UX


Storm8, Redwood City — Animator

AUGUST 2012 - APRIL 2015
Animated wide variety of characters in multiple art styles
Infused personality into environment and atmospheric animation
Built 2d character rigs with an emphasis on expressiveness and scalability
Created exciting particle effects and visual effects for gameplay and UI
Authored style guides for outsourcing support



San Jose State University— BFA Animation/Illustration

AUGUST 2006 - AUGUST 2012

President of Shrunkenheadman Club for 500 students, led monthly meetings, planned guest speakers, workshops

Editor on award-winning student film ‘Bloom’

Animated characters and created visual effects for multiple short films


  • Self-directed problem solver

  • Thrives on collaboration

  • Cross-discipline communicator

  • Creates clear and descriptive documentation

  • Deep knowledge of video game landscape

  • Avid VR explorer


Unity shaders, particle effects, animation (MecAnim & Legacy), VFX, performance metrics, cameras, lighting, scripting

Maya modeling, animation, rigging, texturing, MEL scripting

Photoshop painting, advanced image manipulation, scripting

Flash animation (2D rig & hand-drawn)

After Effects

Version Control (svn & git)