Technical Art Tools

A selection of some of the tools I have contributed to the Technical Art Department


Bundle Pack Creator Script

Connects to existing planning tool in Google Sheets, finds desired images, transforms into set position, outputs PSD and PNG


Slots 2 Database Tool

While leading implementation of art assets into our Slots game, I created specifications for the creation of a tool to greatly improve the process. The architecture of the game requires specifically formatted JSON files that were being written by hand. I wrote up detailed documentation on our internal wiki to explain the process, and gave feedback to improve the user experience.

This drag-and-drop tool will be used by non-technical producers to implement outsourced art assets.


Content Validator

I've authored modules that integrate with our existing content validator system to automatically audit art assets and check for optimal settings in Unity.

  • Camera settings
  • Meshes and Particle Systems


Department Goals

I contributed to the pitch deck outlining the goals of the Technical Art department that aided in the creation of our own department with distinct goals from both the art team and engineering team.